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Why a Webcam?

As you can see if you go to the main website you can see places all over the Europe region. Many more are being installed daily.  We are also expanding in Honduras and other places in the USA. So you will see on the site many more locations going up, even while you are reading this.

Why a camera?

Mostly because you want to drive visitors to your location. I believe that live video feeds are more effective in driving traffic to your location, your website then any other medium. Why would I make such a bold statement?

Here are the stats on just 6 of the 7 cameras that are in Roatan, Honduras


30 days we did an UN-official count of visitors to the cameras and we came up with over 413,000 in 30 days. That is equal to around 2,500 / visitors/ day per camera. Now I don’t know about you, but if your camera gets that many visitors, do you believe that some of them will keep coming back, do you believe some of them will invite others  ( You can see the social media shares) . Do you believe a portion of these people will want to visit your location sooner then later.


Do you know that at least for Honduras ( Roatan) most people around the world, even in Europe did not even know it existed. It has been a quiet island with only Divers that have known about it. With the new government and their policies they want to promote Honduras so now is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

What the future holds?

I imagine soon instead of seeing only 7 cameras you will see 30 cameras. You can jump from camera to camera ( 20% of visitors ) and see other locations. So when you do book a trip to Roatan, you know what you want to go and see. You know what activities you want to participate in.

This is just a small portion of this iceberg that we are creating and it is a very good investment to have a camera on your property. The camera is owned by us, so if anything breaks, or we update it in the near future, your camera will be replaced at no charge to you.

Reasons to having our HD webcams

  • 24/7 always on- Light camera for night views
  • Affordable- Will not break your piggy bank
  • Live video stream ( Recorded last 24 hour /time lapse)
  • Awesome viewership ( 2,500 / month – and growing)
  • Exposure to more then just your marketing budget allows.
  • Pin-point where visitors are coming from across the globe and cater to them based on research gathered.
  • Support when you need it by phone or email- usually within a 12-24 hour period, if not sooner
  • Your very own logo that clicks to your website to capture visitors interest in your location
  • Live HD streams, based on internet upload speeds and consistency of the internet ISP
  • Your location on our site ( Approved if beautiful location)- 800,000 /unique visitors / month – over 2-8 million visitors /monthly
  • A new mobile app that is coming out for guests before they arrive or after they leave
  • A dedicated section just for your story about your location, what will attract people to book with you.
  • A new website that will bring in a higher average “stickiness” to your camera. Currently at 3 min/ visitor – plans 15-20 min +

But I believe the #1 Reason you should have a camera is that you will be on the cutting edge, while your competitors will be wondering how you booked all your rooms and got exposure world-wide on such an affordable cost.

Don’t have a beautiful location?

That is okay, maybe you can help us by sponsoring a camera or two in a location that you either work with as your client or a place you know would be a great fit.

learn more about Sponsorship








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