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Youtube- Videos- 2 week Challenge

Video Challenge started on 11/4/2013 – Most videos are only 5-6 min long- some tended to go a bit longer.

Here are some videos I am recently doing. I was challenged by this almost daily, but I got it done.. View these in order, as I do believe they get better and better. You not only had to do these daily and post them as early as possible but you had to go back to the other people and leave comments on their youtube channels.

Warning these are raw, no scripts this is just for education for me and for you. According to many experts who do video you have to practice, practice, practice. See what works, what doesn’t.

I just want to see as a business owner, you can do this too.

I am doing this because someone I met on Linked-in invited to participate.  You only have to do 14 daily videos about your business and upload them to the group site. I think since we are one day 4 of this writing, I am learning a bit more about myself in front of a camera, I am noticing that sometimes I do not say the correct things to the audience, and sometimes I use too many aaah’s in between my words.

It is really forcing me to think about how I want to do video and it does show me that it does take time and effort to do this daily.

Even though it is only 14 days,  I think by then end, I will have learned many things and hopefully with more practice get better and better.  I am missing one day, will have to find out where I uploaded it to?

Very raw- Used my wife’s cell phone and made mistake with holding it vertical – sound was horrible.

A bit better, sound was going in and out, camera was not focused well:

Actually have a better looking studio, camera is still not focused as much, but better- sound still breaks up. Introduced a video that was already produced.

It is getting a bit better, without my face in there. Just used audio and did some creative things by introducing a professional video.

I like this one as it gave information in regards comparison between email and vmail. The first video I posted to the group had no sound.. Thank goodness someone said that.


Using some new tools, I was able to get a clear recording and got me to think about using this type of format instead of a live face to face. I think both of these could work but since mine is technical, this might be a good way to do video. I have to keep all my client information secure, but I think I can do that in the next videos.


Today, I had very little time as this early afternoon I was helping my 8 year old for school- His finals are this week and we had a lot of math problems to go through. Anyways, this time I added some small short intro pieces and some music along with some other small special effects..


Today I decided to share with viewers our website and how to do register for our online web-classes all about social media, profile building and how to set and reach your goals for your life and your business.  We did these a while back but found many people who were across the pond could not come to these classes. They are now available on our website and you can take them as many times as you wish- just register – USE 491 access code. Let me know what you think. Here is the video walk-thru to learn more.

Video #9

Today I wanted to do something a bit different. I wanted to show everyone the power of using Alexa to do research and to find how your current site is being ranked. I believe the most import statistic is time on site/ user-(Stickiness) – I am not surprised what Facebook is doing, but It was interesting to go from the top to what we do. Hope you like this

Video #10

Today I was actually stuck with an idea.. I was working on a video for a project I am working on, so I thought since it is part of my business, I might as well do this as a challenge. I used some awesome tools that allows you to videos like this. I thought it was a good experience and I hope my clients enjoy this as I will be sending this video to not only them but to my prospects as well.

Video #11

Today, many things were going on and doing another video, just didn’t excite me, until I logged into my Smash account at and found they added some new information and videos. So I decided to do a walk-thru with my personal perspective of what is currently available with the system but also what is going to be coming soon.

Video #12

Today, I decided to share with the group and the world why you need a system to help you with your weekly challenges. One of the biggest challenges I see out there is creating a newsletter that is attractive and can create more brand awareness and more sales.

Video #13

Today I did a little bit more using Camtasia in order for me to block out personal information of my account in regards to client information. But I was able to do it after going through the videos more then once.

Video #14

The last day, I did a video about our task manager, again hiding or pixelating the private information, this should have followed the post I did about this task manager I did a while back but didn’t know what to do with it besides write about it. Now with the video, people can see how great of this system can be.


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