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The age of using video for your business is upon us. How would you like to create a way for your clients to remember you, each and every time that you send out an email to them. How much does it cost you now for lost business?

Online video is becoming more important as a source of business information and a driver of work-related buying decisions among today’s senior executives: 83% are watching more online video today than they were a year earlier, and 65% say they have visited a vendor’s website after watching a work-related video, according to a recent survey from Forbes Insights.

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Email does the job, it is the fastest way to communicate and currently email is available on many if not all internet type devices, but is is really effective if you are attempting to create new business?

I have seen statistics that indicate that since Email has been around for quite sometime, that the success of it has worn off for most people. Text is boring. However, you are reading text now. So what if you could have a combination of text with Video?

Video viewing has exploded, everywhere you look you see companies using video to communicate their product or services. However most distribution of video is not as effective as people hoped.

Now, I know I might get some back-lash on this- but I believe that Video sites like Youtube can attract customers, clients- but how long does it take? How many views does it take in order to actually see something come out of a video that is uploaded to Youtube?

I know there are Guru’s who indicate that this is the way to communicate these days, and they charge 1,000’s dollars for learning their “techniques” or you pay them a monthly fee to have “access” to all that they know.

Again, it is very good for them, they are consultants- they get paid when they create a product that has some value, but then when you get “inside” they will charge you for more stuff, that you continually purchase. That is not effective way to use your hard earned money.

Youtube can help, don’t get me wrong. But what happens when someone clicks on your video? Well, the watch it, hopefully for the full time. If they don’t, they will click on something that interests them to the right of this video- meaning you just lost them as they are now onto someone eases video and left you completely. Sorry that is just how it works. Or what if you make an awesome video that they stay through the entire video? Well, more videos will pop up – last I counted on the video player over 10 – guess what they click on those and they are gone from your awesome video.

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