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Sponsorship is a very exciting program that we just recently launched.

If you are a company that has a larger budget for your marketing and sales and want to see results but willing to give it a year then this program is for you.

What we ask is that you help us find a great beautiful location that we can set up our cameras at. Instead of us going to that location and asking them if they want to pay for the rights to use our camera, you will pay for it. Then you will pay for 1 year sponsorship in which your logo will appear on the bottom left of that camera. It will never rotate, and it will be always there, even if they make the screen larger.

This is always in front of a visitor of that camera. You can sponsor as many cameras as you wish at different locations around your area. So if you have a client that could benefit by using this camera at their location then go ahead, let us know the website, and take a few pictures from that location to see the “view” that the camera would see. They also need to test out their internet upload speeds that we can provide a link to you. If approved, we will order their camera, have it installed at their place and you get the benefit by helping create a new camera and you get exposure for you business yearly.

We have some major companies interested in this as the cost is very affordable and they can spread out their message to a lot more people this way then any other form of media out there today.  Here is an example you can look at right now that is in Malta. This business actually paid for sponsorship at their location cause it was a great location where they were located at and as you can see they have had a lot of visitors since they placed that camera.

Thanks, if you have further questions, please feel free to call me.

Maybe you can’t do sponsorship of a camera, that is okay, we also have Ads available that will be rotating on the upper left side of a camera. It will be available based on your budget and using either CPM or PPC models of advertising. It will also be geo-coded to be able to reflect business in the viewers area- but you can select which camera, for how long and how you want to run your ads. More information will be available soon.

Currently we offer this for a monthly cost, if you can’t wait for our new system, contact me soon.






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