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Preston Odenbrett is no stranger to business both small and large. He started out his career back in 1989 as he was attending school full time. With over 23 + years experience, Preston knows what challenges business people, sales people and upper level management have when running a business.

He has helped hundreds of companies save money – cut their expenses from a mere $50/month to as high as 500,000/ month and actually created more time for the business owners thus increasing revenues with new high-tech tools that he is introducing to the marketplace.

With his wealth of relationships in many different industries as a top performer Sales person to a small business owners, he has created a personal network that rivals most of his peers.

Preston will be blogging, vlogging ( Video Log)  and giving personal and business insight to readers in many different business areas. Pay attention to the “lessons” as he learned them sometimes the hard way.

He also wants to help business owners realize that business is not the only thing that keeps him working as hard as he does. It is his Love of God and his serving attitude for his family, friends and clients.

We hope you enjoy this blog, and please feel free to make comments and send to your friends. If Preston can help in anyway, please feel free to contact him. Just Google Preston Odenbrett to learn more or connect with him on social media sites.

Thanks for your time today.


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  1. Global Business 101
    July 19, 2013

    I am here to help as much as I can. Please feel free to contact me if you need solutions to some of your business problems. I don’t have all solutions, but I might know someone that does that I can refer you onto.

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