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Little French Key- Private Island!

What an amazing view!

This place is amazing. I was “awe-struck” when I went from the Island of Roatan to this placed called Little French Key. I saw it on their website, but actually going there was something that was beyond anything I have seen before. They have recreational such as volleyball court and places you can sit in under the sun or under shade. You kind of want both when you are there. They have a full bar and serve a great lobster meal. It is like going to a place to “escape” the world for just a while.

It is a quaint little island that has many amenities that you will not find anywhere else. A small zoo with monkeys, jaguars, birds and more. A water oasis where you can sit and relax in the ocean on chairs that can withstand the salt water.

There is even a Palapa (like a rest area as they call it ) that you can go out to and just take in the blue and turquoise sea. This is on top of their private home but over to the right is the place that you can dive from a 25 foot platform into the sea that is about 30 meters deep.

Even for an old guy, I took 1/2 hour out of my busy schedule and jumped in about 6 times, then I was done for the day.

Check out their website and book your time here- It is exclusive and you will be amazed. They are also booking for special events and you can even rent the entire island if you wish for a certain amount of hours as well.

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