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I am really glad you clicked on this page!
I hope my blog/website is helping you with your business and the articles that you see here has been a value to you that will help your grow your business and your relationships.

Preston Odenbrett’s online calendar: Click to Book an available time.

Currently this is based on CST time zone- if you are in a time zone that is not CST (Central) please go to and select your time zone and mine to make sure that will work for you.

DST used DST no longer used DST never used

Global Business Connections- Hope we can connect soon

I have clients from all over the world, so this is a great time saver on telephone and email tag- trying to reach each other. This is still in beta, but should be able to recognize your time zone soon, just not there at the time of writing this.

Preston Odenbrett’s – Online Virtual Conference Room

This is where we will meet in most cases.

We can also meet on G+ Hangouts, Skype or other ways like telephone.

Note: G+ Hangouts – you must circle me to give me the opportunity to notify you of this meeting and make sure you install their plug in so that you can use the Google Hangout.

Skype- preston.odenbrett

Please request to connect by telling me you saw this on my blog, if you don’t I might not accept.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

God Bless

Preston Odenbrett
Direct Line: 651-472-5818651-472-5818


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