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Go here! – then watch the short videos, if you scroll down a bit more. Once finished , go to the features and see what this system has currently and what it going to have in the near future. All of this is FREE- No cost. They will have packages coming out that you will pay for added features and more robust functionality and other services that tie into this entire system.

One of the most exciting online-web-based software I have seen in quite some time. This software, there is nothing to download and you can access anywhere you have internet. The best thing is that entire system is free- It is being supported by major advertisers, membership advertisers, membership levels and even a “white-label” system For those that do not know. A white- label is a way for any company to take this technology and have their brand on it.

It has the following – In Beta- but works fine- This is the building blocks on what the rest of the system will rest on.

Unlimited Database- Unlimited contactsUpload from Facebook and others or upload a CSV file. Easy to use, uploads very fast. Keep contacts information all at your fingertips. It will have mobile application coming out soon for IOS and Android. It will also scrape the internet for information. So once you place a contact into this database, it will find other things about this person- legally. It scrapes all public records to find website, social media site and much more. It will allow anyone to really get to know the client , build the relationship that will last as lifetime. It also ties directly into the entire system. So when you have a contact that you need to do a task on, it keeps track of this.

Task ManagmentTo Do List on Steriods- Keep track of all your to-do’s – delegate, and complete based on time, date and categories- All tied into contact database.

Online Calendar– Rivals anything on the Market- No need to have our calendar, prospects can set up times with you, on the spot when they are ready to buy. Meet with them instantly – World Wide or have them schedule a time.

Online Event scheduler– Have an event that you want to invite people to? Use this and spread the word, very easily. Set up an event in a matter of moments.

15 other tools that will be available soon

PVA- Personal Virtual Assistant- Have a video sent out for over 600 different occasions like Appointment reminders, Apt Reschedules, Birthdays, Anniversary’s- All automated, that you control.

Mobile Application – Take your office with you! (IOS/Android) – Where ever you have internet – access information while standing in line or in traffic (When stopped not when moving)

Project Management– Keep track of your projects, who is assigned to what, milestones that need to be met, completed with an entire team

Marketing Analytics– Keep track of all your marketing activities, online, offline- Get real stats on what your doing well or not so well on.

Social Media Buzz Wall- Keep your content on all your social media, keep contacts that you meet online with fresh information- Keep up with what is happening with them.

Marketing Management– Newsletters, postcards, advertising – Campaigns that you create with very little effort, simple and intuitive- Pipelines and More

HR Management- HR Directors Dream- Keep everything on Employees in one safe and secure portal- no need for multiple systems.

Financial Management- Keep all your finances in order, budget, forecast and much more.

Plus there are other services/packages that are specific to your industry.

Since you read to the end, please watch this video- This is JJ Ulrich- Founder and CEO that walks through this entire system and the new tools that are just around the corner.


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