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Banana Rama- West Bay, Honduras

Webcam Live

Welcome to West Bay Beach: Roatan, Honduras

This place as you can view from above and see it “live” is an amazing place. White Sandy Beaches down the entire length of one of these beautiful locations.

I met the owner not by making many calls or by email.. I met him when I was there filling my other orders from clients. He was a great guy to talk to and he was very excited about placing this camera at his location. Can you tell why?

He also got another camera and has been placing it inside his resort area ,but that soon will change to a new location that should be just as exciting as this one.

If you get a chance to take a vacation, this is the place to go. Tell Jeff I sent you ! You will be able to relax more then you ever thought possible. I did not take the time to relax as much as I could. But this time when I went to deliver the cameras to him, my friend and partner did go Para-sailing and I had to go with him to take pictures!

If you have been to West Bay, Honduras – Please leave a comment, I would appreciate it.

See another location at Little French Key- Private Island

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