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Getting The Basics Right

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The overall goal of the display stand is to promote your business. To do this, it needs to present clear, concise information about your product or service in an attractive and engaging way.

Your brand name and company graphics are obviously fundamental elements of the design of the stand – there’s no point having an eye-catching stand that doesn’t tell the customer who you are.

Develop short and simple slogans for use on the stand – don’t overpopulate it or the key message will be lost. A few carefully thought out words, which grab the attention of your target market, will make a much bigger impact than lines and lines of corporate data. Display stand designers offer full design assist services, which will help inform your decision making and help you get the look you want for your stand.

Quality Counts

It is essential that the stand looks professional. A cheap looking stand will undermine the credibility of your brand and be counter-productive. It also is unlikely to be durable – so a false economy in the longer term.

But you needn’t incur the wrath of your bank manager as “professional” doesn’t need to mean expensive. A competent and professional design team can deliver a range of easy to set up, portable display products suitable for all purposes at prices which are reassuringly affordable. They will work with you and your budget to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

A reputable display designer also offers a one year guarantee on their products, so you can buy from them with absolute confidence.

Let’s Get Visible

Wherever you choose to use your stand, it needs to make an impact and support your engagement with customers. There are a number of ways to create a strong visual impression:

  • Colour – A bold colour scheme can be just the ticket in terms of standing out from the crowd. Pick colours, which complement your overall theme and work with corporate branding. Check out how competitors are presenting their products. Opt for something different. This will make your stand memorable. Think about the age and gender of your particular customers and tailor your design to appeal to them.
  • Lighting – Enhance the appearance of your stand with suitable lighting. Use soft lighting to create an inviting ambiance and combine with spotlights carefully positioned on key messages.
  • Height – Supersize your stand, and you’ll be sure to catch the eye of potential customers. In a line of similarly sized stands, your stand will be the one which people notice and approach. You can check out a full range of options available in many display design service providers.

Remember, help is at hand at to guide you in making decisions about your display stand. With their industry expertise and competitive rates, you can be sure of a great deal on the right display stand for you.


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