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Work Vacation- Is it really a vacation?

Ok, I am biased on this opinion, but I believe if in the near future, you take the opportunity to take a vacation in Roatan, Honduras, you will feel the same way as I do.

Now, this was not a normal vacation where I would head out with my family, plan a 2 week stay, and just relax and do what I wanted too. I believe I will take one of these some day soon. No this “vacation” was a work vacation. What does that mean?

I have some clients that have wanted to meet for quite some time, I have mostly called and emailed them over the last six months, but when I had spoken to them, many wanted to meet me (face to face) before doing business. I think it was because in this country, especially in Honduras, there can be a lot of crime. So even though they trusted me, they would not take the time to fill out our order form for the product that we have. In addition this was their slow season, so they were busy with preparing for the season to start and didn’t have time to print out the form. We are planning to have ordering go thru our website soon so the paperwork will be less stress for all.

My job when I went out there was to secure the clients, meet them face to face, and hopefully with this meeting and paperwork in hand, it would be taken care of and they could have the product they have desired for quite a long time.

I also was there, to find new businesses that either I could not find a phone number, or they did not answer the phone, or I they did not respond to a few email’s that I sent. So when I did my planning, I knew what part of the island I would be on during which time frame that I was there.

What happened was different then I expected, my plans being on one part of the Island Monday and Tuesday, changed when my reservation from one place, could not keep it. So with only a few hours of daylight, I scrambled on the internet to find some place to stay, as I didn’t not want to stay outside without some kind of shelter and of course I brought my electronics to do business and if it rained it would be ruined.

Finally I found Lands End Roatan on the other side of the island, and I paid a taxi a good amount of money to get me to that part of the island. I am what they call a “Gringo” and they feel they can charge more, should have asked how much before I got in that cab, lesson learned.. However when I got over there, I was greeted by the best host on the planet, I believe. Adi, the general manager and my new client greeted and welcomed me. He had a heart of gold and was very gracious and thankful that I arrived safely. He had one room available for me so I jumped at that chance.

His resort was not from the ordinary, it was not a sandy beach like you would think, but dead coral. What I enjoyed about this, was that every morning I would wake up real early and just sit by the ocean, as the waves came tumbling in. It was the most relaxed “work” vacation ever. I was bummed that my family could not experience this place.

With him, he took me over to the place I was staying at the previous night because I left some of my equipment behind by mistake as I was more concerned about where i was going to stay getting all my stuff out of my room, was not on my mind at that time. The great thing in speaking to him about catching a cab back there he indicated that he had to do his errands in preparing the dinner fr some guests who requested Lobster-  So he drove me over to the resort I was at, gathered my equipment and then we went on his errands.

He showed me this place where I kid you not he picked up lobster that was each 1 1/2 pounds, I never seen lobster that big in my entire life. He told me that there was no way possible as person could eat one by himself so as a smart business person he knew he could split this in two and both of the guest would be happy with it and he would make a little profit.

I did enjoy this as it was raining quite hard that day and it happened that two of the three appointments I had, were rescheduled for the next day. We spoke of many different things, about his life, where he came from, what is great about living in paradise, what is not so great. It was a great way to get to know my new client and I hope he felt the same with me.

We returned in the afternoon and I went about my business and he went about his. It was not really a vacation kicking up my shoes and laying in the sun, but it was fun none the less. It is really not a horrible life when you can work in beautiful locations like this. I would highly recommend you look up Lands End Roatan when you get there, and speak to Adi. He will take very good care of you and cater to your every need. Plus he has an awesome 4X4 you can rent for the day.

They say a bad day in paradise is better then the best day at a regular job. I would say I don’t have a regular job anymore and I am thrilled at visiting locations like this to help them create more business through our HD webcams. They get the exposure they need to be able to bring in more guests and be able to pay for expansion when the time comes.

I am planning now to go back to Roatan, secure more clients and hopefully rest for more then 1/2 hour as I will be installing and testing the cameras that were sold. Wish me luck


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