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Use Mobile Marketing To Its Fullest To Engage Customers Long-Term

How do you categorize your relationship with your mobile marketing company?

Are you the flirty type, only occasionally looking into mobile marketing strategies and ads yet you hold yourself back from engaging in it fully as you resort to traditional marketing strategies?

Do you prefer the whirlwind romance? You come out strong with your marketing, getting customers interested in your products for the first couple of times, but then don’t follow-up on building a solid customer loyalty base? Are you too eager to find new customers instead of continuing to court existing ones?

Mobile marketing is much more than the one-and-done campaign. When used correctly, you can engage customers in long-term business relationships where they are continually seeking your products and services. Don’t be a flash in the pan when it comes to your advertising. Remember that people carry their mobile devices with them all the time. They will always be available and connected to your next marketing campaign if you invest the time to expand it past just the one sale.

Whether you are going this alone, or seeking the help of reputable mobile marketing agencies such as Hipcricket, you have to keep three things in mind with your marketing efforts:

  1.  How do you get your foot in the mobile door to get them interested in your business?
  2.  How do you convert them into making a purchase?
  3.  How will you continue to engage them after the purchase is made?

Tackling these three questions allows you to create a strong customer relationship from the very beginning, and allows you to keep the mobile user interested past the moment of sale to where they become a loyal business customer.

How do you get your foot in the mobile door to get the person interested in your business?

Go beyond just the hard sell. There are many ways to get people interested in your business from offering newsletters to giving out free trial offers for your product. Your objective is to get them to opt-in to your marketing. Once they do this, you have a greater opportunity to converting them into the sale.

How do you convert them into making a purchase?

By following through with the promises you made when courting them with your marketing opt-in. Nothing else builds customer loyalty faster than when a person can trust that a company does what they say word for word. Send out the free trial product offer. Give important information in a newsletter. Do what you said you would during the campaign to get them to buy the product.

How do you continue to engage them after the purchase is made?

Don’t ignore the customer. With the help of mobile marketing agencies, you can continue to provide a great mobile user experience. Provide customer support for your product and ask questions on how they liked their purchasing experience. Send out customer surveys to improve your business. Ask if the mobile user would like to opt-in to receiving special promotions and new product announcements.

Continue to build a strong relationship with your existing customers through your mobile marketing efforts. Existing customers are just as important as new customers, and can boost your profits for the long-term.

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Pam Wagar is a marketing manager who enjoys chocolate, technology and playing softball with her 2 children.


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