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Tips For Making Great YouTube Videos

One thing that many people forget is that there are millions of videos uploaded to YouTube each and every day and only a few actually get any big time attention.  Most people think that if they post a funny video that it will reach epic proportions and go viral with little to no work on their part.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is that a very small percentage of all videos posted to YouTube actually get seen by more than a thousand people unless they are promoted properly.  An even smaller percentage of these videos are considered to be a viral video.  So, while you may not gain fame from your videos, there are some things you can do to get more views.  The following are some tips for making great YouTube videos.

Make Videos That Offer Content for Others

One of the best ways to know you’ve created a great video is when others want to use it to make their own version or to make a remix of it.   What they do is take your original video and add awesome music and create a whole new video.  This is something that you want to happen as it will be searched for and when it is, the original video that you made will also show up in the search query.  If you are using your products or branding in the video, they will be seen by a whole new demographic of people.  In order for your video to be remixed, you must keep it short, it has to be less than sixty seconds in length or it is too long for the process.

A Great Title is Imperative

You may be thinking, it’s a title, how important can it be, it’s only used to tell people what the video is about right?  One aspect of the title is about letting people know what the video is about but it is also important to use keywords that are searchable.  It also needs to be interesting enough to make people want to watch the video rather than passing it by for another video with a catchier title.  While this can seem complicated, if you just take a bit of time, you can come up with a title that offers everything you need.  Don’t just put in the first title that comes to you, spend some time and write down a few different titles until you get one that really sticks with you.

Video Series

If you want to get more views on your YouTube videos you can always buy them to boost your numbers until you generate your own views.  However, if your videos are too long, then you will have to buy views because nobody will want to watch the video.  People have a short attention span these days which is why many YouTube users choose to create a series of videos rather than on long one.  If you would like to try this method then make sure that the cutoff point for each video is organic and that it leaves the viewer wanting to see how the rest of the series turns out.

It is vital to get views on your YouTube videos if you want to have any success with them.  The above tips can help you get the views without putting in much extra work.

Lacy Smith has her own blog and has been writing for over five years regarding social media and social media marketing.


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