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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Using Video

If you have a blog or a website then you probably know how important it is to include different types of media on the site to guarantee people find your site interesting.

Adding video can be a great way to market your products and it is a good way of improving your search engine ranking. Although many people know this there are still some common mistakes people make when using video on their website.Video production

Have a look at this list to guarantee you’re not making these mistakes.

1. Doing No Promotion

You might have made the video to get more marketing for your business or blog but you can’t just rely on the video to do the job on its own. You will need to plan for releasing the video and maximizing the exposure it gets.

For example, it is essential that you use SEO in all of your video content to make sure the search engines pick it up. It is also a good idea to link it in social media and make sure you talk about it to your customers and readers.

2. No Text Content

Even when you add a video to your website or blog you need to add a short description below it to let the viewer know what the video is all about. People want to be able to know the essence of the video before they view it and it is important to pay special attention to writing a good description.

Adding this is essential even when you post the video on Youtube. New Media Rockstar have some simple tips to help you write a good description.

3. No Customization

This point is especially helpful if you are adding the video to your website or blog. It is really important that you carefully customize the video so that it doesn’t widen your blog or website too much and that it runs well in different browsers. There is nothing worse than having video that doesn’t work.

4. Not Using Video At All

Despite the mistakes that you might make when you add video to your site the biggest mistake still is if you don’t add a video at all. Even using video in the wrong way is better than not using it. After all with the above tips you can ensure that you minimise any possible issues you might have with your video.

But if you want to go for a more professional look there are a lot of good professional video production companies that can help you out and make sure you don’t make simple mistakes. For instance, check out Videojug for more information.

5. Only Relying On Video

With all of this in mind it is important you understand that simply adding video to your website isn’t enough to drive lots of traffic to it that converts into paying customers or new regular readers of your website.

Even when you eliminate the possibility of the above mistakes and use video the right way you would still want to keep marketing your product in different ways and make sure you also produce other quality content for your site.

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Janet is a big fan of video as a tool to promote your business or blog. She is constantly trying to find out more about how to make great videos and loves to spend time watching Youtube videos. When she isn’t thinking about videos she loves to go jogging with her two dogs.


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