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Are you in Sales? Do you own your own Business?

As sales men/women, we work hard at finding the correct prospect for our products and services . Some of us, go back to our past clients if we were in a past business, others go back to our good old networking pals that we hung out with years ago and some of us, the dog-headed ones go out and cold call. Some of us now-a-days are using Social Media to drum up prospects.

Believe me I have done my share of all of this.

I discovered a very unique tool, that I have been “testing” for about a month and I can tell you it is helping me quite a bit in understanding what works and what doesn’t.

What do I mean?

Recent Opens

Recent Opens

I get permission from potential clients as they ask me “can you please send us more information”. In the past, I have ignored this and said to myself okay, I understand they are just saying that to get me off the phone, so why waste my time.

But the problem I had, and I am sure you have also is the fact that when you send something by regular email and it is not through a bulk system or auto-responder, you have no idea if they opened it up or not.

Which to me is a very big “PAIN” because I want to know that out 50 calls I make at least 10 % actually open it up and then I can sort through only the 5 people and call them back. Besides I can test different Subject lines and test different copy to see what pulls in the most opens.

Well, this tool I found does just that and much more.  It actually hooks up directly into your Gmail account and will track if you want it to when someone opens it up. How great is that, because when you see a notification pop up, you know someone did open and this can be a prime prospect for you. If you can call them right away, guess who will be on top of mind? You of Course!

Check it out and if you do sign up for this system FREE! You will get an additional 100 credits and so will I.. So I guess I am bit selfish about this. I want you to sign up for a free account, because I and you get something out of it – WIIFM ( What’s in it for Me!) Usually this is called a WIN/WIN

I think it is a great innovation and can help you close more deals!

Just don’t tell them, Oh, – I saw you opened my email….. that is so UN-professional.
Enjoy and let me know what happens with your B2B Business


Check it out Here!I

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