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Do I need a Task Management System?

Task Management

Task Management

Why do you need a Task Management System?
How often do you email to organize daily tasks for the day?  A email that comes in you feel is important either because you assigned that importance yourself or you have received this email as a very important task. Most people are trying to use Email- Gmail or other email type programs to be able to do this. However, they find, like I am sure you have that this doesn’t work very well. One thing people need to remember is email is a tool and task management is a new tool.

The Right Tool for the Right Job!
I don’t cook but believe it or not, when I first started in my sales career my first job was to sell high-end cutlery. We had  set of knives that each customer should purchase because each tool(knife) had a specific purpose for its creation. You don’t use a pairing knife to chop bones  from a piece of meat. Same applies to other industries such as construction, plumbing, even health field with doctors, and dentists. So why do we as Business owners and professionals  think we don’t need the right tools for our jobs?

I have tested this Smash System!
With a task management system that I personal used for the last few months. I can take the important emails and do the following: Find the subject line, copy it, paste it inside the new task. I can also edit it if I want to so it stands out better for me. I can then go back to email copy the body of the message, the important parts and post into notes for that task. In addition, I can then assign a priority for this either (high, medium or low). I can assign a category to this particular task like a certain project I am working on, assign a due date along with time if I so wish. Then if I want, I can delegate this task to someone else on my team by just selecting the from my list or just send them an email. Once they log-in to the system, they can then do the tasks, ask questions about this task, show me the progress of this task and then show when completed or if they did something with that task. All of it I can see the progress, so I know nothing will fall between the cracks.

The Problem with other Systems!
I have found with other task management there is usually a higher cost and there is a limit to the number of tasks  one can assign either to self or team members. However with the system I use, there is not. I have well over sixty tasks and according to corporate they indicate there is no limit to the amount of task you can have in this system. I feel it is one of the best and most robust system of its time.

Ties into the Contact Database!
Not only that, but it can also tie into my contact database- so if I have a task that I need to do for a client- All I do is go to his/her record and assign a task and it will show up in my main task window. More on this in a future blog coming to a computer or mobile device near you.

How Much Time Can I save?
How much more efficient is this then trying to use email as a task manager, how much time have I created in my day because I don’t have to go back and forth.  In addiiton, what I have recently heard is Smash got authorization from Google to be able to Synch everything on the Google suite of products like gmail , calendar, tasks and be able to go into the system while using Google or while using this Smash system.

New Modules Coming Soon!
There is also more modules that are being released in the next 90 days. This is not your grandmothers CRM system. It is a full communication suite to help you bring in more business and be able to create more leads, by allowing you to build more relationships across many networks.

What Action are you going to take?
If you like many after reading this want this sweet, I mean (suite ) set of tools in your tool belt so to speak, I can give you that opportunity because you have taken time out of your busy day to read this. You might as well get a reward, right. Time is Money!

FREE GIFT for Loyal Readers
Here is my free gift to you, my new and current subcribers. Go to – go to the bottom of this page and watch the short videos that are there. Once you view the short videos and you want to see more – go here to see a longer version – a walk-thru of all the suite of tools that are being released very soon. It is about 45 min, but it will be 45 min well spent. If you are convinced this could help your business or even help someone that you care about, please register for an account. They will not ask for any CC information, just fill in basic contact information. Make sure you check your email shortly afterwards as you will get a confirmation to this system. Please check also your spam folders. Right now it is FREE. No Cost, nada, zilch,- that is why credit card is not needed.

Modules that are currently available!
Start out using the task management system and then move on to the other modules. Contact Management ( no limit to # of contacts), Event scheduler, Full share-able calendar and even a new advertising system that is going to allow members to advertise in as many ways possible not only to our growing membership base but outside our site on other networks as well using different methods. But that will be with another blog coming soon.

Keep everything in one business Portal!
The most important thing for any business owner/professional/ Sole-entrepreneur is to have all they need in one place instead of multiple locations. Plus with the addition of the new mobile application for IOS and Android, you can take your office with you, where-ever you are. With a internet connection you can get “Things Done” while waiting in a long line at your supermarket or gas station or even at an accident site, God forbid it is not yours, please use responsibly and never use the mobile app while driving.

Let me know your thoughts-

PS.  If you want to see my back-office before you get your own, I would be more then happy to go through a demo to share with you what you can do and how efficient it will be.

P.P.S- If you want to work with the best I am a certified level 1 IBO out of only for officially with the company so far. I have over 200 people that are part of my team, and growing daily. You can either use the tool to enhance your productivity or you can join my team to build an extra revenue for your family.

God Bless and hope this will help in your daily business and personal tasks. I know for me it has helped me tremendously and I am on task daily, see I did this blog on time. Check- DONE!!


4 comments on “Do I need a Task Management System?

  1. JesseGarboden
    August 2, 2013

    A task management systems is needed if you want to be successful and organixed.

    • Marketing and Business
      August 2, 2013

      Yes, that is true.. I love what I have that is for sure! Did you check it out yet? Let’s chat soon

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