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Challenges how do you handle them?

Building business in a 3rd World Country!

I just had my work-flow disrupted because I have NO electricity. I know what you are thinking, but you would be wrong, I did PAY my electricity bill. The issue is when you work your business from a 3rd world country (what-ever that means- maybe a future blog) you have challenges. Believe me this is not the first time. I am walking out of my house right now and going to sit here and finish this blog. My air-conditioning also is off and according to what I know the temperature is 95 F outside but that is a lot better then inside the house as it might rise to 100 F. But how do I handle these sometimes daily occurrences is what makes the difference.

A Real Life Example!

I have been in a middle of a video conference with some highly influential individuals and my internet goes down. Since I have digital phone number to the USA, guess what my phone goes down as well. They just saw me “disappear” from my meeting and I can’t call them from my cell phone because it would be extraordinarily expensive as it is over $2.50 US dollars and some meetings last two hours, sorry but I do have a budget and that is not going to happen, unless under very important circumstances. Now as a human being my virtual stress meter just shot up to a very high level. I can just say “ I give up, I can’t do business here” – which by the way I have said a few times already or I can learn from this. How can I learn from this?

Pre-Plan and Stay Calm

I just lost connection with people that I am meeting with, what are they thinking, do they think that I just hung up and left my own meeting. At first they did think that, but after this happened a few times before I get onto any call using video or phone, I tell them point blank- that I sometimes do have issues with electricity and internet connection, please bear with this situation if this does happen. If this does occur in this call, I have a back-up plan and I will get back to the meeting as quickly as I can. If you don’t see me back in 15 min, please note we might need to reschedule this.

I then will attempt to connect with the portable modem I have, or race to my mother and father in laws house , one mile away and connect there, go to the church office, and or go to a public place that has wi-fi connection. This can be an extra challenge as if I do go to a public place it can take a good 15 min to get set up again and login to go back to the meeting. Today, I can’t do that as I have a person coming over in a little bit and I can’t leave them here in my house while I go off and find a connection.

Duck Analogy!

One of my good friends, who went into ministry after many successful years as a broker/owner of a large satellite office for a large insurance company told me once. You have to remain calm, no matter what you are going through at the time. You have to stay professional at any cost. If you do, you will be more successful in the long run. He explained to me and gave me an analogy that I still remember 12 years later.

Be Like a Duck

Be like a duck! A Duck, what does that have to do with business? He told me that on the surface when you look at a duck (being from Minnesota originally, I have seen lots of them) when they are swimming they are very calm, their heads are up, they look like they are just gliding on top of the water effortlessly. However, if you dip your head into the water near their flowing body, you will find that their two little webbed feet are frantically working to create that glide-like motion.

Right now since this just happened, I need to make a decision. I need to make sure that I can work without using the internet, thus this blog post, which was actually going to be worked on later today, I just did it now. I had this on my to-do list, so I knew it had to be done, so I just moved this up to a higher priority. Just re-arrange my schedule plans.


So just like Nike has said for many years – JUST DO IT. Or as the late Jim Rohn said in a talk he gave that was published on Youtube – Just Do it, and Do it, and Do it. When you get to where you want to be or the goals you have set for yourself or your company you just keep on doing it. Do it till you no longer are alive. He was talking about even when someone who has achieved a rung in the corporate ladder or just won an award for achievement based on excellence he would congratulate them and say Just Do it.

Plan of Action

What we Do is really up to us, we know what we need to do every day, we know what our unproductive hours are and what are productive hours are, or at least we should. We know that if we don’t do it every day as business owners and professionals we are not going to thrive. Building a business from day one is not easy, sometimes not fun, sometimes very challenging, but we as entrepreneurs know this is the journey we must take; this is the path we must walk. We need be calm like the duck and show others that we are professionals. I remember what Toyota used as their “tag line” in the Super Bowl commercial a few years back that I really liked “ Keep moving forward “! Or my good friend David Whiteford a Champlain for the Hennepin jail district and former business owner said all the time- “keep on keeping on”-

PS. Want to do more with your time on a daily basis, you might want to take a look at this, for me it was a no-brainer and I use it every day , as long as I have internet connection that is. – let me know what you think of this or of this blog, comments are very much appreciated.

P.P.S. Oh by the way , waited for one hour, still no electricity, waited for the person that was going to come over, told her to leave nothing she could do anyways. I went to brother in law to get my older cell phone since the day before I dropped it in the ocean taking cool pictures of my son and does not work. Brother in law gave my old cell to his son which of course he was not there. Went back, locked house, went to Pizza Hut in town to do finish this blog and also have many more email’s to send and calls to make using Google Voice through Wi-Fi, see if that works. My appointment that I had set up a time to talk to, emailed me and called me, so I have to reschedule our time together, I am sure he will understand. You guys who live in the USA and other developed countries take so much for granted, I am saying this with tongue in cheek, I also did when I was there.

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